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Q & A about PCCMDS completion

Question 1

Could you please define/elaborate the following criteria under “Other” for us? We have a number of side rooms where patients are admitted/kept for a variety of reasons (not necessarily HDU equivalent patients).  Do we need to capture those cases as well? I personally don’t think so. Otherwise, it will be several children fulfilling this criterion every single day.

The short answer is that they do not need to record this information re: cubicle stay.

The long answer is:  The latest version of HRG algorithm only recognises single occupancy cubicle care related uplift of HRG for XB05Z and lower (usually ventilated patients).  HDU activity is XB09Z, XB07Z, XB06Z and therefore the single occupancy cubicle uplift does not occur at all even if HDU activity occurs. For example heated humidified nasal cannula + ecg monitoring + cubicle has same HRG result (so tariff) as care in the open ward rather than cubicle.