General Paediatric Surgery

Mission Statement

The West Midlands General Paediatric Surgery Network will help to ensure that a consistently high standard of care is provided to all children requiring surgical care across the region.


Most surgical procedures performed on children in the UK are relatively straightforward and can be performed in a child’s local hospital by appropriately skilled surgeons. This allows a child to have care as close to home as possible. It also allows for the capacity and expertise of the specialist paediatric surgical departments to be concentrated on the sickest children or those who require specific specialist care.

Retaining paediatric competencies in regional surgical departments will enable staff to respond quickly and expertly when faced by an unwell child. In addition it also ensures that routine surgical care can be provided for local families at a location that is easily accessible to them and that meets the appropriate standards.

GPS is, therefore, the non-specialised surgery on children that can be performed either by specialist paediatric surgeons or by surgeons who primarily operate on adults but have expertise in paediatric surgery.