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The West Midlands General Paediatric Surgery Network endorses the 2013 Royal College of Surgeons Standards for Children’s Surgery and the 2015 Standards for Non-specialist Emergency Care of Children. The over-arching principle is that children should receive surgery in a safe, appropriate environment, which is as close to their home as possible.

  1. Patients and families: Patients and their families must be at the centre of what we do. Good communication is vital and patients and families should be involved in all aspects of their care and also have the opportunity to be involved in shaping the delivery of service.
  2. Delivery and environment of care: Children should be treated in safe, suitably staffed and equipped, child and family-friendly environments.
  3. Governance and leadership: Units undertaking children’s surgical care should have a defined governance structure to assure the quality of overall care.
  4. Education and training: All clinicians caring for children and young people in a surgical or anaesthetic context should undertake an appropriate level of paediatric clinical activity that is sufficient to maintain minimum competencies.
  5. Networks: Children’s surgical services should be designed and delivered as part of an appropriately resourced network.