In addition to the below update and information from the RCPCH, please find attached the West Midlands Guidance for the early recognition, investigation and management of the Paediatric Inflammatory Multisystem Syndrome – Temporally Associated with SARSCoV2 pandemic.

As you may be aware, there has been an increase in children presenting to paediatric services with shock like symptoms thought possibly to be related to COVID 19. Please find attached guidance that was released on Friday 1st May from the RCPCH –   Guidance: Paediatric multisystem inflammatory syndrome temporally associated with COVID-19”.

Within the attached document is the case definition, guidance on clinical management and monitoring, suggested treatment, and the checklist for initial investigations (appendix 2).

There is still ongoing work around understanding this seemingly new presentation and we will keep you updated when further information is available.

Although the number of cases appear to be relatively small, I am keen to learn of the cases that are being managed locally in the DGH setting. We have been waiting for national guidance on how this information can be collected but in the meantime, we will discuss this in our weekly Covid-19 meetings. KIDSNTS are also keeping a record of any cases that are referred to them.

Please cascade the attached guidance information within your paediatric teams and ED teams.

For the most up to date Coronavirus guidance for clinicians and NHS managers please use the following links:

Please see below video of a COVID simulation of a KIDS referral and transfer to a PICU with some hints and blips to generate discussion.

New COVID-19 Paediatric Intubation Guide: